Hauck Varioguard Plus


  • Reboard car seat from birth up to 18 kg (Group 0+/1) incl. Isofix base
  • With ISOFIX against the driving direction (0 – 18 kg)
  • With ISOFIX forward-facing also possible (9 – 18 kg)
  • Energy-absorbing materials in head and shoulder area
  • Adjustable headrest and lying position
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nlike many other Group 0+ car seats, Varioguard Plus has a 5-point belt system, as well as new-style, energy-absorbing belt padding with memory foam that minimises strain on the neck in the event of a front-impact collision.
By also using particularly impact and shock-absorbent memory foam in the head area of the seat, we achieved outstanding test results in frontal and side-impact tests. This feature considerably enhances your child’s comfort at the same time. Varioguard Plus also features reinforced side-impact protection on the outside of the shell, as well as redesigned energy-absorption zones in the head and shoulder area. The particularly high-quality and breathable cover fabrics used also contribute to your little passengers’ well-being.

The Isofix base included with the Varioguard Plus can be locked into the car using the base and easily attached to your car’s Isofix attachment points. If your car does not have any Isofix attachment points, you can also attach the base using the vehicle’s 3-point belt. An additional restraint for forward-facing installation using the vehicle’s 3-point belt is included with the Varioguard Plus as standard.

Varioguard Plus can be used from birth. The car seat can be attached to the base with just a few movements. By using your vehicle’s ISOFIX attachment points, you can install the Varioguard Plus against the direction of travel up to and including Group I, i.e. from birth to 18kg. Once your child weighs over 9kg, you can turn the seat around to face the direction of travel, depending on which installation you and your child prefer.

If you are fitting the Varioguard Plus using the 3-point vehicle belt, you can use the seat against the direction of travel as Group 0+ (from birth to 13kg). Once your child weighs more than 9kg, but at the very latest when their bodyweight is over 13kg, Varioguard Plus must be turned to FACE the direction of travel if installed in this way.

The inclination angle of the seat can be adjusted into 3 possible settings facing the direction of travel. The height-adjustable headrest always offers optimum side-impact protection in any installation.

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