Hauck iPro Base


  • 1 Base for 2 seats – for iPro Baby and iPro Kids
  • iPro Base can be used in vehicles with Isofix, as well as i-Size compatible seats
  • Colored indicators for correct installation
  • Particularly easy engaging of the car seats onto the base
  • Individually expandable for more vehicles

One base for two car seats – the perfect solution. On the iPro Base you can fix both the
iPro Baby and the following iPro Kids car seat.
The iPro Base can be used in cars with ISOFIX attachments, or in those who are
equipped with i-Size seats. In order to fix the base you need to engage the individually
adjustable ISOFIX connectors in the car’s Isofix hooks. As soon as the safety indicator
switches to green, the base is correctly fixed. The support leg is height-adjustable and
can be unlocked with one hand only and after reaching the car’s floor, it engages
automatically. Once again, the green indicator shows whether it has engaged in the
correct position.
The same applies for the fixing of both car seats on the iPro Base. The iPro Baby, as well
as the iPro Kids are to be put on the middle of the base via the Easy Slide function.
Special guiding rails ensure that the car seats always reach the correct position and then
engange correctly. Here too, colored safety indicators show whether the installation, or
rather the engaging was successful. In order to remove the car seats from the base, you
need to push the button on the middle of its front side.

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