Hauck Apollo


  • The ideal sporty city stroller loadable up to 25 kg
  • Fast and compact folding with one hand
  • Reversible seat with large lying surface usable from birth
  • Combinable with carrycot and infant carrier
  • Ball-bearing comfort wheels
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If we start at the bottom and work our way up, we start with the comfort wheels. These are puncture resistant, so there is no need to worry about having to fix a puncture while you are our and they also easy running thanks to the ball bearings in the wheels so your little one will have a comfortable ride wherever you go. On this particular stroller, you will also notice that the front wheels are larger than the back wheels; they are designed this way to give a smooth driving experience which in turn makes the stroller incredibly agile. The wheels can be set to swivel or can be locked in place and they even have reflective strips so you can be seen in the dark.

Moving up a little further and you come across the shopping basket. This is large enough to carry all those bits and pieces you need to bring with you when you have a little one in tow.

Now we move onto the chassis. Styled in a fashionable black colour and made from aluminium, it is lightweight but built to last. It has a slick one-handed fold system so you can keep hold of your little one while you fold it way. The chassis also has a handle that is height adjustable, so no matter if you are tall or short there will be a setting to suit you.

Now onto what is arguably the most important part – the seat! This is where your little one will park their bum and spend all of their time, so it’s important it’s right for them. Firstly, the seat unit can be placed on the chassis both forward facing and world facing – this is perfect for when they are little and you want more bonding time, but as they grow and want to learn about the world around them, you can turn them around. Hauck have considered the fact you may want to turn the seat around on a reasonably regular basis so they have ensured it is lightweight enough to do this easily.

The seat itself is quite wide at 32cm so as your little one grows they will still have plenty of space and will therefore still be comfortable – the seat unit is actually rated up to 22kg so will last until you no longer need a pushchair for your little one.

Your little one will find a comfortable place to take a nap too thanks to an adjustable backrest the reclines between 110° and 165°. You can also raise the footrest to create a flatter lying surface. They will be super snuggly on the soft fabrics and there is a footmuff included for those colder days. To keep them safe and sound there is a 5 point harness and bumper bar.

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